Hair Matters

So…. hair … this part of our bodies that grows in certain areas for certain physiological reasons and somehow we imbue it with all sorts of identity flags, social and cultural associations.

Hair (and sometimes hair cuts too) means strength or it means virility, it means sexiness, it infers presumed gender norms, and lets not forget hair removal  and everything that’s supposed to imply.

I’m occupying a strange kind of middle ground with hair at the moment.

I had to (literally had to, at the time) have a short hair cut (on my head) to limit the gender dysphoria flare up I was experiencing. So, I have the hair cut of a boy, a female body, my clothes present somewhere in the region of non-bianry/ masculine/ queer- I get a wide range of social acceptance and non-acceptance bordering on hostility and humiliation to confusion and curiosity, from the this set of factors alone- what the hell am I supposed to do with the rest of my body hair?

Cis females with hairy legs and/or underarms get a lot of unwanted attention.

But in reality they’re probably just warmer most of the time, all those great leg hairs doing what they’re supposed to and trapping the body’s heat. Supreme.

So, whilst I currently get a lot of unwanted attention no matter what I do, I’ve decided to try and limit part of it at the moment by removing my leg hair and …trimming but not removing, my underarm hair.

Being socialised as female I have all those weird Gillette lady shaving adverts in my head, thousands of billboards, magazine spreads and pictures of smooth, long female (usually white but tanned) legs and memories of locker room humiliations for girls who didn’t shave their first hairs… so having no leg hair in one way feels like a good thing to do, but on the other it feels really fucking weird and confusing internally.

I’m not writing this because I feel like I’ve got an answer about something or even a really good question, it’s more of just a long-winded “urrgghhhhhh“.

(And I won’t even get into the subject of pubes, lets leave that for another day!)


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