Moderate Threat

What is it with kids films and ‘moderate threat’?

It currently seems completely legit for film companies to churn out film adaptations of children’s stories, adding a twist, a villain, some emergency, death or violence and to be honest, I struggle to see the point.

Here’s a thought, why not make enjoyable films?

Fun films? Films about hope?

Anxiety is on the rise amongst young folks; depression, isolation, you name it, it’s getting heavier to be a kid or a teenager.

We seem to have a one way ticket to global climate change and probable collapse of the current systems of control; why must these big feelings of threat and violence get reinforced over and over again into our minds, as well as the minds of young people whilst we’re in a position to make some positive changes?

Why bother making a bunch of shit films in the meantime?

Oh yeah, because capitalism sucks and likes to distract us, I remember….

Seriously folks, we can do better and deserve better- let’s write some better stories, make some better films, talk about some more real shit!



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