Anonymity (part 1)

I’m writing this blog in anonymity.

On purpose.

One on hand it makes no sense, I’m writing about really personal stuff, but it’s a lot about social things- about isolation and exclusion, about being on the margins, about making social change.

How can I possibly encourage social change from an anonymous perspective?

Without my name on this blog, I can’t say ‘oh I’m writing this thing, you should check it out!’

Currently less than a handful of people are reading it, so what’s the point?

I guess at the moment, readership is less of a priority than giving my self the biggest amount of emotional and psychic space I can so I can write, without editing my self or my ideas.

My mental health demands the process of writing, of ordering riotous thoughts and feelings, of moving through the difficulties that come from being afraid to speak my mind.

It’s a kind of making that I need for my self, personally.

That’s one of the reasons why the blog is called THE PERSONAL IS POLITICAL because it’s very, very personally political for me to take up this space, to put out these writings beyond my mind or my journal, to reach out as far as I can – which might not look very far to you, but to me, is miles. 

I’ve been silenced too long, been humiliated into expecting very little for too long.

I’d like one day for these writings to find readers, maybe even to sign them with my own name but in the meantime, it’s transforming for me to get to say what I need to say without thought of others approval or disapproval.


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