Have you ever been judged?

Almost definitely, right!?

Probably every day of your life, and some of it’s been negative and sometimes you’re just so sick of it, I bet.

Now, just take a second and ask your self this question; how often are you judged on what you CAN do? By employers, by friends or family, by society in general? How often is that positive judgement simply unstated, or obvious?

Maybe pretty often? Maybe most days?

Now imagine almost every interaction you have is with someone making a judgement about what you CAN’T do.. from the benefits system deciding about your housing or income, to taxi drivers, to your friends and family.

What you’ve just imagined, is the life of a disabled person- someone who has to constantly justify themselves, their physical or emotional needs, their every decision; including financial and social.

Or perhaps I just described the life of someone living in the UK whose first language isn’t English, someone who is a refugee or asylum seeker. And maybe others too.

There are people who have to live every day of their lives justifying their very existence to folks who either don’t give a shit or, who don’t have time to give a shit.

And frankly, as one of those people, I am so sick and tired of the majority’s bullshit.

I am tired of having to put up and suck up any shitty thing you decide to say or throw in my direction because my poor, shitty life depends on your good will, I am tired of bureaucracy and endless forms, of decisions made about my life without any knowledge of me as a human, I am tired of losing friends to ridiculous assumptions about people with disabilities.

Don’t make me beg to be a person.


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