Making Stuff (part 1)

I like making stuff.

I’m an artist so sometimes I get to make stuff quite a lot.

Sometimes too, to be honest, I feel more like breaking stuff than making stuff!

But mostly, making stuff is really good for my mental health, so I’m all in favour of it personally and generally.

Everyone should get to make stuff, right?! Making is something that every one can do, no matter if they have the right ‘skills’ or not, making is something innate. But it can get scared out of us so a lot of folks think it’s just for some people and there’s all this weird stuff about some things we make are better than others.

So, a framed oil painting is something really precious but someone who fixes your toilet is just a plumber..?! What a load of sh*t.

Like I said, I like it making stuff, all kinds of stuff… but….

…I like it so long as I don’t think about it too much ..

Making, for me, is a kind of exercise in NOT thinking. If I think too much, if I let my inner nag have it’s say or start to judge what I’m doing as ‘good’ or ‘bad’, I stop making.

Full stop.

I know what it’s like to not be able to make stuff and I think it’s a really hurtful place to be. Some people have never had a chance to make stuff in the first place, some people would like to make stuff but feel like they can’t and other people, they make making stuff look SO EASY it’s like no one else could ever get a look in.

I just know that for me, making stuff is so important that right now I’m really working on not trying. Every time I do turn up to make something, turning up is the best I can do and I’d like to be content with that first and foremost.

Along the way, I like talking to people about making, whether they do or they don’t or would like to, I like to hear where people are at.

I figure the more we get to use our minds in making rather than the endless, isolated consuming we encouraged to do by the media, perhaps the more time we have for each other in all kinds of ways.



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