Just Not Wired That Way

I spent some time with a friend in his late fifties last week, we went to the cinema to watch a new female-lead blockbuster (which by the way was… ok.. in some ways its was awesome, in others it was as rigid as a standard blockbuster.)

Afterwards my friend spent twenty minutes repeating over and over (and over) that it didn’t make any difference to him if characters are male or female, that he doesn’t “see” gender, that’s he’s “just not wired that way”.

Twenty minutes.

Despite me saying honestly what it difference to me it makes to see female hero’s or that more diverse characters make for more realistic viewing…

On and on he went, regardless.

It occurs to me now that I should’ve asked him what kind of pornography he watches, just to see if the penny is ever likely to drop.

Or preferably at that point, it would’ve just shut him the fuck up.


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