It’ll be lonely this Xmust

Xmust! That seasonal time where we… must!

We must…. be happy

….. buy lots of stuff

….. have a home

….. be with family

….. eat loads of food

….. get pissed/ stay sober

….. be  white Christians

….. be  normal

Whatever our musts, Xmust is a time of year when everyone gets very shitty about loneliness, no one should be lonely at Christmas etc etc…

As someone who experiences loneliness and social isolation almost every day of the year due to disability, let me tell you Xmust is just another day in the lonely calendar.

Please don’t ask me what I’m doing at Christmas with such concern, unless you ask me many days throughout the year what I’m doing or who I’m going to be with.

Because it could be those quieter days, those ‘normal’ days, when I haven’t seen anyone for five days in a row, that I’m really struggling with the effects of isolation and loneliness.

Or maybe you don’t know me but this blog makes you think about your neighbour, or an elderly person you see struggling to the post office everyday no matter what the weather, but you’ve never said hello to them.

Say hello, no matter what day it is.

YOU could be the only person who talks to that person all day, or all week and if you can’t imagine how important that is, please, take my word for it.




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